Undergrads React to Strike

The Temple University Graduate Students’ Association, better known as TUGSA, has now been on strike for over three weeks. The administration has been trying to fill the holes left by the strike but are having trouble filling all of them. Although most of them don’t have a say, undergraduate students are being affected by this just as much as Administration and TUGSA.

The University has replaced instructors to keep the undergraduate students on track. Some students are finding it difficult to adjust to these new classrooms as some of them have gone from in-person classes to asynchronous online. 

While some students are finding it difficult to adjust, others believe that these instructors were not hired with the student’s best interests in mind. Eva Calabrese, a senior criminal justice student, says that her replacement instructor “is not very involved with us.” and that they “don’t post study guides on canvas,” making it difficult for students to stay on track if they’re forced to miss a class.

Another student, Brigid Dooley, says her replacement instructor is having her class make up weeks’ worth of material that they couldn’t complete due to the strike. Brigid tells us that she “wasn’t even given the option to switch sections” to have a class more tailored to her needs. Her only other option was to withdraw from the course, which would hurt her academic progress and financial aid. 

The future of these classes remains unclear as the strike continues.

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