Update Abroad: Camden Market’s Booming Business


Camden Market may be a distance away from some of London’s most popular sites, but what is it about this shop that makes it so unique? Opening in 1974, it started as a small antique and crafts fair and is now a growing sensation.

Camden resident, Ana Kitrinos shared why the market is close to her heart.

“I bought a lot of things here. I used to eat here a lot because I love the food. The street is beautiful. I love it.”

Changing its operating hours from Sundays to seven days a week, the market welcomes 28 million visitors each year. It is a diverse community of sellers, food traders and independent stores, which cater to its unique and electric atmosphere.

It offers meals from all over the world and is most popular for its fresh goods like produce and homemade pies. Located in the center of it all are the retail shops, a three stories tall building that stretches into additional shops outside.

South Africa native, Sara Kraus, explained her first impressions of the market.

“When I first walked in, I thought that it was a lot smaller, but it’s actually huge as you keep on walking through,” she says.

Within the market, visitors will find everything from souvenirs to handmade accessories and vintage clothing. Whether you’re shopping for bargains, or diving into savory treats, Camden Market has a little something for everyone.

Students Ayun and Sammy Patel touched on their excitement about the whimsical market.

“You can find newspapers and comics and video games,” they told Temple Update.

The market is open 364 days a year and is only closed on Christmas day.

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