Update Abroad: Londoners Welcome Rainy Boat Race


Update Abroad Correspondent Stetson Miller attended a historic London event, the 162nd Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.

Around 250,000 gathered along the Thames river bank to see the two universities row to victory. But severe storms brought rain wind and hail to the event and even caused one boat to sink. But the rain didn’t stop spectators from enjoying the competition.

“I think it makes it a more exciting race,” said Felix Wood, a Cambridge University Boat Club Alum. “It makes it more spectacular. It’s a negative thing if you’re actually racing, but from a spectator point of view it probably makes it a bit more exciting.”

The event has two major races – one for men and one for women. The course stretches across West London from Putney Bridge to Mortlake and is 4.2 miles long.

Many spectators don’t have an affiliation with Oxford or Cambridge but simply come to have fun and show support for the rowers.

At the end of the day, the Oxford women and the Cambridge men triumphed in their respective races.

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