Update Abroad: Temple Rome Students Explore New Athletic Outlets

A somewhat unknown marvel in the world of international sports, calcetto, or football five, is a form of Italian soccer that allows smaller teams to participate in 5 player games.

Originating in South America, calcetto is typically played for 40 minutes and incorporates many elements of handball, water polo, and basketball.

Played with a smaller ball than traditional football, calcetto places emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique.

Poplar in the streets of Brazil, the game was quickly picked up by FIFA and Italian players.

Every Wednesday night, Temple Rome students have the opportunity to participate in a game of calcetto and learn a little more about Italian culture. Temple Rome is able to make Calcetto Night possible by partnering with Italian students from Roman universities across the city,

allowing students to stay active, make new friends, and show off their athletic abilities while learning more about Italian culture.

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