Vice President for Institutional Advancement Leaves University

Dicker will be completing the same work at the University of Delaware under a different title. (Courtesy of University of Delaware)

Vice president for institutional advancement, Jim Dicker, has left Temple to become vice president for development and alumni relations at the University of Delaware.

Before his departure, Dicker was responsible for promoting alumni engagement and fundraising for the university. These proceeds usually went to campus construction projects and scholarships, including the Lewis Katz scholarship.

On Monday, Dicker began his position at the University of Delaware. Associate vice president of principal gifts, Meaghan Hogan, will be filling in as interim vice president for institutional advancement. According to university spokesman, Hillel Hoffmann, the status of a search for a permanent vice president is unknown at this time.

“One thing I’ve worked hard on over the last couple of years is building a culture of philanthropy within my department,” Dicker said. “I’m sure Meaghan will continue that culture and it’ll make for a smooth transition. I really wouldn’t anticipate any major changes.”

Dicker came to Temple in 2014 after working at Lafayette College for 26 years doing similar work. At the end of the 2014 fiscal year, Dicker told Philadelphia Business Journal that despite record-breaking fundraising numbers, it was “not even close to where it need[s] to be.”

The 2016 fiscal year ended with $79 million in donations, which exceeded Dicker’s donation goal by $4 million according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“The past three years that I’ve been [at Temple] have all been record-breaking fundraising years,” Dicker said. “This [fiscal year] that just ended on June 30 will be the highest.”

Hogan says the institutional advancement office will maintain relationships with donors despite Dicker’s departure, with hopes of more record-breaking fundraising years.

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