VP Biden Goes After Trump; Campaigns for Hillary at Drexel

The Vice President visited Drexel as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton Tuesday.
The Vice President visited Drexel as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton Tuesday.

Vice President Joe Biden’s voice boomed throughout the Great Court at Drexel University when he came to Philadelphia on Tuesday to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Biden went after Hillary’s opponent, Donald Trump, the morning after the first presidential debate of the election. He was disdainful of the Republican candidate’s comments from the night before.

“This is a guy who said, and wants to be president, that it was good business for him to see the housing market fail,” said Biden. “What in the hell is he talking about?”

The Vice President said that he was angry about Trump’s remarks on paying taxes after Clinton suggested her opponent doesn’t pay them.

“You know, he acknowledged that he didn’t pay taxes because he’s smart. Makes him smart,” Biden told the audience. “Tell that to you mothers and fathers who are breaking their neck to send you here, they’re paying their taxes… It angers me, it angers me.”

Biden urged the audience, many of whom were students, to register to vote. Millennials are a large part of the electorate and key for Democrats to win the presidency.

One Drexel student said that there were other good reasons to get registered beyond political motivations.

“I think it’s important to be registered to vote in any election because, we can,” said Justin Allison, a junior. “A lot of places don’t have that opportunity.”

Biden spoke on Drexel’s campus on National Voter Registration Day, just two weeks before the deadline for voter registration in Pennsylvania, October 11th.

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  1. Okay, Trumps said a lot to offend people. What real choice do we have though. Hillary can’t be trusted, there isn’t nearly the number of young people signing up for Obama care as needed, because the whole damn thing back fired and people can’t afford it. And Hillary wants to expand ObamaCare. Give me a break. Trump will at least reverse some of this nonsense and the 200 trillions we owe.

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