Web Exclusive: Sit Down with a Pixar Artist

Earlier this month, Temple Update Reporter Tennyson Coleman, sat down with Matt Nolte. Nolte is a Character Art Director for Pixar, and his body of work can be seen in award-winning films such as Ratatouille and Brave.

A native of San Diego, Nolte said he does not travel to the East Coast often, but he was in Philadelphia to speak to art students at Temple University and Drexel University.

In the interview, Nolte talks about his experience working for Disney/Pixar and the amount of work that goes into creating characters that become fixtures of the Disney universe.

His latest film, A Good Dinosaur, releases November 25th just in time for the holiday season. Nolte explained how he has to balance science with creative freedom, when coming up with characters such as the T-rex dinosaurs. He describes the new film as an emotional tale sure to pull at the heart strings of many moviegoers.

Nolte lists his parents as two of his biggest influences. He says they supported his artistic endeavors from an early age and pushed him to pursue his dream of becoming an animator. His mother is an artist and his father helped him find and connect with people in the industry.

He claims he was fortunate enough to have parents who supported a dream that others may have thought would prove to be unsustainable. His advice for art students who may not have as supportive a family calls for them to find their own support system. He encourages them to figure out who their heroes are, and find a way to reach out to them. Nolte says many artists are humble and would be willing to help an aspiring artist. He adds their support would be “invaluable.”

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