Welcome to Dublin!

Dublin, Ireland has the hustle and bustle of any city, but embraces a unique mixture of global citizens.

Sixteen colleges, universities and technical institutes draw students from many different countries to the city of Dublin for higher education.

Temple Owl Bridgette Ivkovich says this international population creates a unique atmosphere.

“DBS (Dublin Business School) is really, really diverse, it has a lot of international students. There’s a lot of Germans and French and Italians in my class, along with the Irish and American students, so there’s a lot of different cultural influences.”

Students aren’t the only ones coming to Dublin. Tourists flock here from around the world to see what the historical city has to offer.

Historic monuments like the Spire of Dublin and the General Post Office attract visitors from around the world, while the Temple Bar District offers pubs and coffee shops to get a taste of Ireland.


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