Women’s Basketball Loses To Quinnipiac In A Nail Biter


After a game where only two players scored over three points, the Temple’s Women’s Basketball team came out with a much stronger effort and impact than they did the last game. Temple lost 58-56 in a game where neither team got a huge advantage, and it looked as if it could go either way throughout the whole game. As has been the trend this season, Temple’s leading scorer was Feyonda Fitzgerald with 13 points, a game-high five assists and six steals. The game was spread more evenly this time around, though, as only one player on the team did not score. On the other side, Maria Napolitano was the leading scorer with 12 points for Quinnipiac.

In the first quarter, there were no sizable advantages, as the largest lead of the quarter was five points. Each team kept close with each other, which meant that there were no huge runs allowed. Although, for about four and a half minutes, there was a point at which neither team had scored a single point in the quarter, which kept the game from going in either team’s direction heavily.

It was more of the same in the second quarter, as there were no big runs allowed, and Temple’s biggest lead was by seven, but Quinnipiac was able to shred the lead down to two by the end of the quarter. By halftime, Fitzgerald was leading the game with eight points as Temple had a two point advantage over Quinnipiac, 30-28.

Nothing really changed in the third quarter, as the game was still closely played. There was another two minute period in the quarter where not a single point was scored. Followed by a minute and a half series of no scoring, and another minute and a half series of no scoring. It seems as though the reason they were so close, was because nobody took advantage of the opportunities to take the game away from the other team. As soon as one team would score, the other team would score right after. By the end of the quarter Quinnipiac gained the advantage with a 44-40 lead on Temple.

From the end of the third quarter into the start of the fourth quarter, Quinnipiac went on a 14-2 run, which put them firmly ahead of Temple. While Temple was down by 10, the Owls went on a 10-2 run to cut the lead down to two, but at the end of the game, they missed all of their go ahead, and game-tying shots, which allowed Quinnipiac to just barely escape with the win.

It was a hard fought victory for Quinnipiac, and if Temple had made one more shot, they could be 3-1, rather than 2-2 right now. However, they did get the whole team involved, which is something to look for in their next game.

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