Temple Ranked Safest University in Pennsylvania

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Temple University’s campuses were recently ranked as the safest in the state, according to the website yourlocalsecurity. 

Temple, along with the University of Pennsylvania, has some of the largest university police forces in the country, with Temple police employing roughly 125 officers.

The criteria included campus size, which the website states it only looks at universities that had at least 1,000 enrolled students and types of crime. More importantly, the survey looked at Campus Safety and Security Surveys provided by US Department of Education to report the campus’ crime statistics.

Rutgers University was named New Jersey’s safest university and the University of Delaware was named Delaware’s safest school.

Source: https://www.yourlocalsecurity.com/blog/2018/04/23/2018-safest-college-campus-by-state/

Introducing Bell Tower Records Artist, Xilomen

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“I think that it evokes goosebumps when you are listening to it because it has a lot of spacey sounds, but it’s really like heartfelt. So I guess it’s for…I would say an experimental mind,” says Xilomen.

Xilomen is a Bell Tower Records artist from Chesapeake, Virginia who recently released her new album, Black Mamba Part 1. Music fans gathered at the album release party hosted by Bell Tower Records at Pub Webb.

“I’ve been making music for a long time and I figured it would be a good platform to get my music out to…I guess a larger audience,” says Xilomen.

The album is part of one of two. Xilomen was inspired by one of her favorite dancers for the album title.

“His name is Laurent Bourgeois from the collective. I went up to him and told him you inspire me and everything. He sees my tattoo, one of them, and he grabs my arm and says ‘Black Mamba.’ I’m going like, ‘what does that like even mean?’ But it has some kind of significance to him,” says Xilomen.

Black Mamba Part 1 is available now on the Bell Tower Music Bandcamp here.

Orthorexia: The Unknown Eating Disorder

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When people think of eating disorders, they may think of anorexia and bulimia. However, there is one eating disorder that people may not know about: Orthorexia.

Meet Sarah Maduas. Maduas is junior journalism major who enjoys writing, reading, and cooking. She is also the Communications Director for Temple Student Government. Maduas also battles the eating disorder known as Orthorexia.

Maduas’s battle began when she was a junior in high school where she began to take an interest in the health and fitness pages on Instagram.

“I would see all these people that just had like the perfect, skinny, like toned abs,” said Maduas.

Maduas also started to compare herself to others. She began going to the gym every night between two to three hours. She would also eat the same lunch everyday, which consist of an apple, raw vegetables, and half of a protein bar.
“It really took a toll on my sleep habits and my academic life,” Maduas said.

Dr. Eunice Chen is the Principle Director of the TED Program, which stands for Temple Eating Disorders. Chen tells us that Orthorexia often involves obsessive behaviors around dieting and what is in the food.

“Orthorexia is described as being very focused and concerned about eating often pure foods,” said Chen. “The quality of the food is very important.”

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, Orthorexia is currently not recognized in the DSM-5 and when it comes to treatment, many clinical eating disorder experts treat it as a variety of anorexia and/or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Maduas was able to receive help from a therapist. However, everyday is still a battle. Maduas discovered that she loves cycling and it’s a type of exercise she enjoys. She is even a cycling instructor now and hopes she could be an inspiration for other people and her students. She also remembers what’s most important to her as motivation.

“I think it’s really important to balance that healthy lifestyle with things that you are passionate about, and definitely eat a cookie once in awhile,” said Maduas.

If you or you know someone who maybe struggling with an eating disorder don’t hesitate to seek help at Tuttleman Counseling.



You can also learn more about Orthorexia at the following resources:





Temple Theater Presents “Guys and Dolls”

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Temple Theaters is bringing a classic musical to the Randall Theater.

“Guys and Dolls” tells the story of a gambler and missionary. The production is being directed by former MFA alumni Peter Reynolds.

“The musical is about a gambler who finds love with a mission worker named Sarah Brown,” says Reynolds.


The musical was made into a film in 1955, starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. However, Reynolds said like so many other Broadway musical productions adapted into film, some changes were made.

“It’s pretty true to quite a bit of the Broadway musical, but with changes. I mean added some songs for Frank Sinatra, because he was Frank Sinatra, and different locations, and because it was Marlon Brando some changes were made that way to accommodate him,” said Reynolds.

Senior Theater Major, Salvatore Mirando, is no stranger to musical production. Mirando is reprising his role as Nicely Nicely Johnson, which he also played when he was in eighth grade.

“Nicely Nicely Johnson is the right hand to Nathan Detroit, so he does all of his shady back dealings. He has to deal with all of Nathan’s antics and he has a great number at the end of the show called ‘Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat’ is the showstopper, so yeah he’s just a real easy-going funny guy,” says Mirando.

“Guys and Dolls” is now showing at the Randall theater until October 22nd. General admission tickets are $25 and for Temple students, tickets are $10. To find out more information visit the event page here.

So Far Sound Philadelphia

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On Wednesday, September 20th, many music lovers attended a concert in Rittenhouse Square.

However, this is not the typical concert. This show was organized by an online music community called So Far Sound. According to Carolyn Lederach, organizer for So Far Sound Philadelphia, the organization was started by two guys who wanted to take the normal venue atmosphere and move to a more a relaxing atmosphere in people’s houses.

“They noticed everyone talking over the music and more focused on catching up with their friends and drinking than paying attention to the music. They kind of wanted to take music out of that atmosphere and bring it to homes,” says Lederach.

One the performers at the show is indie rock and Philly band, Maitland. For lead singer Josh Hines, playing in a smaller setting can be fun and nerve-racking.“Playing So Far shows and more intimate rooms and spaces is really, really fun for me. It’s really nerve-racking because there’s just a certain amount of like visibility when you’re in a small space. It’s a little different when you’re on a big stage and the lights blind you from seeing everybody that’s out there,” says Hines.

Getting into So Far Sound shows can be a difficult. Because the shows are held in small rooms, only a certain amount of people who sign up for tickets can attend the show.

“You just go to our website sofarsounds.com, look for the closest city and then you can just sign up on there and the dates will be listed on there,” says Lederach.

To find out more about upcoming shows in Philadelphia visit sofarsounds.com.