So Far Sound Philadelphia

On Wednesday, September 20th, many music lovers attended a concert in Rittenhouse Square.

However, this is not the typical concert. This show was organized by an online music community called So Far Sound. According to Carolyn Lederach, organizer for So Far Sound Philadelphia, the organization was started by two guys who wanted to take the normal venue atmosphere and move to a more a relaxing atmosphere in people’s houses.

“They noticed everyone talking over the music and more focused on catching up with their friends and drinking than paying attention to the music. They kind of wanted to take music out of that atmosphere and bring it to homes,” says Lederach.

One the performers at the show is indie rock and Philly band, Maitland. For lead singer Josh Hines, playing in a smaller setting can be fun and nerve-racking.“Playing So Far shows and more intimate rooms and spaces is really, really fun for me. It’s really nerve-racking because there’s just a certain amount of like visibility when you’re in a small space. It’s a little different when you’re on a big stage and the lights blind you from seeing everybody that’s out there,” says Hines.

Getting into So Far Sound shows can be a difficult. Because the shows are held in small rooms, only a certain amount of people who sign up for tickets can attend the show.

“You just go to our website, look for the closest city and then you can just sign up on there and the dates will be listed on there,” says Lederach.

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