Spring Break Snow Still Lingers on Campus

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Temple Owls are fortunate to have been away during the Spring break snow storm, but for the Department of Housekeeping and Ground Maintenance, snow removal was still a top priority.

The department of Housekeeping and Ground Maintenance, Joe Imsezennik, is in charge of snow removal. Cost for removal varies depending on the severity of the snow fall. The Assistant Associate Director of Groundskeeping referenced this recent storm removal process as “expensive.”

Ashley Rodriguez and Lexy Williams, communication students at the School of Media and Communication, both want commuters to be taken into consideration during snow removal. They explained that efforts to clear snow on campus grounds are great but the surrounding areas need more attention.

Stephen Witherspoon, Operations Manager of Housekeeping, agrees with Imsezennik that they were fortunate that the storm came during a break where studies safety wouldn’t be in jeopardy, and that it happened during the week, so weekend overtime wouldn’t be an issue for crews.


Renovation to Student Center Food Court

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Photo Courtesy of Aramark
A mock up of the new student center food court courtesy of Aramark food service.

Temple University’s Howard Gittis Student Center food court will be renovated this summer.

The University will be working with Aramark to bring many new food options that will be available for the fall 2017 semester. The new brands include:

  • Chik-fil-A
  • BurgerFi
  • Saladworks
  • Twisted Taco
  • Which Wich Superior Sandwiches
  • Zaya Mediterranean Grill
  • Zen Asian Fusion Restaurant
  • Starbucks (in the atrium)

The renovation of the Valaida S. Walker Dining Court and the atrium will start in May and finish in late August. The 750 seat establishment will be rearranged in order provide more space for events and studying. The walls, floors, lighting fixtures, and furniture will all be renovated.

Two kiosks will be installed in the Game Room in Student Center South for food delivery options. The information desk in the atrium will also be upgraded, and during construction the desk will be moved to the south-end lobby.

Temple will also be working with Aramark to operate Cherry and White Catering, with a student-focused offering called Wise Owl.

“We are proud to partner with Temple University to transform the campus experience and environment for students, faculty and staff,” said Tammy Sumpter, Aramark’s regional vice president. “Aramark will be investing in the campus community with new dining venues that include a mix of national and proprietary brands, which the Temple community will be able to enjoy in the fall semester and beyond.”

Temple University Celebrates 50 Years of Temple Rome

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Photos courtesy of Temple Education Abroad Office

This school year marks 50 years of Temple University’s Rome, Italy campus. To celebrate in Philadelphia, the Education Abroad office on main campus is hosting events starting on March 20 of Roman Food and Foodways, a popular aspect of Italy.

“The events were inspired by the connection of Italian food being a big part of the culture while  students study abroad in Italy, so we wanted to highlight all parts of that to celebrate and connect the two cultures,” Giovanna Cucciniello, the Institutional Relations Manager of Temple’s Education Abroad office said.

Registration for all the events are open online, and most are free to the public. The week kicks off with Tasting Rome at Philadelphia restaurant, Melograno Restaurant. Temple alum and co-owner Marie Tran opened the restaurant with her husband a few years ago. They will be serving an authentic Italian dish, and all proceeds will benefit the Temple Rome Scholarship Fund.

The week will conclude with a night of networking at the Fox School of Business with Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphia (“P.I. Philly”) and food tasting. Fox student, Kayla Karp will also present her project that is 3,000 years in the making: The Story of Jews in Rome at this event.

The middle of the week will consist of a Slow-Food Documentary Screening on Tuesday, Food Truck Festa at the Bell Tower on Wednesday, and 50 Foods of Lazio, 50 Years in Rome on Thursday.

All events will have tables highlighting study abroad opportunities worldwide and different opportunities open to all students in Temple Rome. To learn more information about the weeklong events, or other upcoming events including the golden celebration of Temple University Rome, visit the study abroad website. 


Students Reflect on Their Memories of Peabody

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Peabody Hall
Peabody Hall

Temple University’s oldest residence hall will be closing after the Spring 2017 Semester. The University put out a statement which says, in part, that “the University is evaluating the 60-year-old building to determine the future [of Peabody].”

The residence hall, which has around 290 beds, has garnered quite the reputation on campus: “I feel like it gets a bad rap until you give it a try; live in Peabody a few week, you start to really fall in love with it,” said former Peabody Hall RA Maddie Murphy. “I feel like it gets a bad rap.”

The charm of Peabody made itself evident to Peabody Resident Marvin Minalo. “I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll give [Peabody] a shot’ and it turned out to work out in my favor,” Minalo said.

It remains to be seen what will actually happen to Peabody Hall and what Temple plans to do with the space. The almost 300 beds will be dispersed through other campus residence halls by allowing freshman to apply to live in halls that are typically available only to Upperclassmen.

What is known is that Temple will not be the same without Peabody Hall.

Philadelphia Prepares for Winter Storm Stella

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Snow Covered Temple UniversityPhiladelphia is preparing for Winter Storm Stella, and we aren’t talking about everyone’s favorite Owl.

According to the National Weather Service, a Winter Storm Advisory has been placed on Philadelphia from 8pm tonight (3/13) until 6pm tomorrow (3/14). Heavy winds, snow, and sleet are expected, with accumulation predicted to range from 8 to 12 inches. Heavy snow can cause dangerous road conditions and power outages due to the weight of the snow.

Temple University has closed all U.S. campuses for Tuesday, March 14. According to Temple’s website, “health system employees should contact their supervisor. Students in online classes or at off-campus locations should contact their instructors.” All classes and rotations at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine have been cancelled, and no classes or clinical operations will be conducted at the Kornberg School of Dentistry.

The TECH Center, the Student Center, and all libraries will also be closed. The IBC Student Recreational Center will be open from 6am to 8pm.

The Board of Trustees meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow will be conducted by phone.

Despite the closures and cancellations, Campus Safety Services, Operations, Facilities and other staff will be on duty.

Other Philadelphia institutions are also getting ready for the storm.

SEPTA has also made changes to their schedules due to the impending storm. Click here for more information.

The City of Philadelphia’s website remind residents to remove their cars from emergency routes and to park their cars as far away from the corner as possible. Parking too close to the corner interferes with plow trucks making the corners.

Philadelphia Police posted to their Facebook page a reminder that saving parking spaces after shoveling is illegal.


Students Plan for Spring Break 2017

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Temple Owls are preparing to fly away from campus, headed toward various spring break destinations. In just a few days, campus will be shutting down and many students say they are ready for some time off.

“Light at the end of the tunnel, sense of relief that we’re almost there,” said freshman Melanie Snier.

Students like Katlyn Buchy are ready to be relieved of the pressure from classes and exams, and take a break from those long study sessions at the TECH Center.

“I’m gonna fly out to San Francisco on Sunday to see my family,” said freshman Kilian Laverty.

While some Owls are going as far as the west coast to visit family, others are staying on the east coast to head to cities like Miami for HBCU week and Virginia Beach for cheerleading competitions.

According to USA today, airlines are expecting record high numbers of spring break travelers from March to April. TSA is bracing for this travel surge, especially in Orlando, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale airports.

Some of our Temple Owls will be staying here in Philadelphia to spend time with family, get school work done, and even work so they can have extra money to use throughout the semester.

Whether these students are working or jetting off to a city with warmer weather, they are all excited to get away from classes, books, and exams. Spring break will give these Owls some time to regroup and prepare for a strong finish for the rest of the semester.

Students Rally for Resistance Against President Trump

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Indivisible Temple hosted its first ever rally, Rally for Resistance,  yesterday at the Bell Tower.

The new group, co-sponsored by Temple’s Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Bridge TU, and Defend Our Future, hosted speakers including members of FMLA, Bridge TU, Defend Our Future, and Temple Student Government. Congressional candidate for the 6th district of Pennsylvania, Lindy Li, and co-author of the Indivisible Guide, Billy Fleming, also gave speeches at the rally.

The rally focused on the importance of maintaining multiculturalism and intersectionality throughout these acts of resistance. Speakers encouraged the crowd to resist the agenda of the Trump administration through open discussions, contact with congresspeople and senators, and political action such as rallies and marches. 

Speakers from Temple student organizations also sought to raise awareness about the issues facing our country and provided rally-goers with information about their groups in order to get people involved. Jaid Munczinski of Temple’s FMLA said , “We are tackling issues of climate change, we are tackling a broad variety, not just feminine issues, not just reproductive rights.” She adds, “We wanted to make it known FMLA’s stance on the current issues in our country.”

Rally for Resistance was created in response to the policies of the Trump Administration. Rally organizer and Temple student Amanda Morrison was initially approached by fellow organizer and student, Alex Mark, with the idea for the rally. Morrison said, “he just wanted it to be a rally for resistance where everyone who resists the Trump agenda, whether Republican or Democrat or whatever identity, comes together.” The pair, along with students Jacob Kurtz, Tyler Lum, and Benjamin Aitoumeziane worked to bring together a group of speakers and spread the word on social media.

These students are also playing a major role in making, Indivisible Temple, an organization at the university. Indivisible Temple was created after students learned about the mission of the Indivisible movement. Created in response to the election, the Indivisible movement was based on the Indivisible Guide, which highlights the best ways to take action in resisting the Trump administration’s agenda.

According to Morrison, “this rally will really determine the direction that we take with this organization”. She adds that the group is debating whether the organization will take on the format of a typical student organization, with weekly meetings and discussions, or if the organization will focus more on organizing rallies, organizing groups of students to go to marches and events, and keeping in touch with congresspeople.

For more information on Indivisible Temple as it continues to grow, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.


Rad Dish Makes Move to Become Sanctuary Restaurant

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After a recent change in deportation policies under President Donald Trump, a new trend in restaurants is popping up throughout the United States. The sanctuary restaurant concept comes from a national advocacy group known as the Restaurant Opportunities Center.

These restaurants want to help marginalized groups and minorities and have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Temple University’s student run cafe, The Rad Dish Co-op, opened two years ago in Ritter Hall. They specialize in organic and sustainable food.

It’s one of a dozen other designated sanctuary restaurants throughout Philadelphia. The Rad Dish Co-Op has recently been made a sanctuary restaurant, which makes them unique and the only one on a college campus.

Ben Safran is a worker and board member of the Rad Dish Co-op who supports the movement and thinks the global system is unjust.

“It’s hard to create an environment free of harassment and discrimination based on any identity marker, based on race, gender or immigration status,” said Ben.

Sanctuary restaurants believe that diversity makes us stronger and stands with diverse communities to help protect their liberties, dignities and freedoms.

“I think it’s important for us as a cooperative business which makes workers’ rights the center of our mission and to find different ways to stand up for workers’ rights and it’s tough,” Ben added.

Megan Bazin is a Temple University student who loves the idea behind sanctuary restaurants. She loves The Rad Dish but thinks it shouldn’t be so exclusive.

“I wish you just didn’t need need access into the building to get in here. I wish it was more public,” Megan said.

For more information and a list of other sanctuary restaurants in Philadelphia visit Sanctuary Resturants.

Ambler Helps Bring ‘Holland’ to Philly Flower Show

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Philadelphia’s Flower Show is back at the convention center. It is the largest and longest running flower show in the country.

Along with the annual show, Temple’s Ambler campus gets their Landscape Design majors back in the competition.

Thirteen Ambler students joined forces alongside their professor to conceptualize, design, and implement their exhibit. This planning has been in preparation since the beginning of the fall semester.

These students have been working alongside each other to bring this project together, as well as designing their own segment of the full display.

This year’s theme for the show is ‘Holland,’ and with this Dutch theme, exhibits across the convention center display the color orange, tulips, bicycles, and windmills.

Temple Ambler decided to use this symbolism subtly in their work with a vertical axis wind turbine instead of a windmill and bicycle gears in their rain run-off structure.

During this process, Temple Ambler has held true to its values of sustainability in material choices and creativity. They utilize materials from past exhibits and repurpose them into their current project. This includes previously used walls and wood pallets. The students also go out of their way to find salvaged items to reuse in their work, like scrap metal and old bicycle parts.

Temple Ambler will compete against four other local colleges. Last year, they took home seven awards including the award for best interpretation for the theme “National Parks”.

The 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center from March 10th through the 19th.

Paley Hosts Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

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Temple University’s Paley Library hosted it’s second Wikipedia Edit-a-thon with the group, Art + Feminism. The group strides to provide a space for people to come together and update or create Wikipedia pages for artists and feminists in the world that do not already have their information on Wikipedia.

The main goal of these events is to show that there is a gender gap for those that post and edit on Wikipedia, with less than 10% of people posting identify as female. Having events like this hopes to raise that percentage and give artists and feminist a voice on Wikipedia.

Each year in the month of March, Art + Feminism hold events such as this all around the globe. This global effort started as an idea between four friends. To attend one of these events no prior knowledge about editing or creating a Wikipedia page is necessary to contribute.

For more information on how to edit a Wikipedia page, visit the Art + Feminism tutorial page here.

To find out more on an upcoming event near you, check out their events page here.