The Lights are Back on at the Divine Lorraine

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The newly redeveloped Divine Lorraine sits at Broad & Fairmount

What was once an eyesore for the Philadelphia skyline, is now a high-class apartment building. A golden chandelier, impressive

columns, and a grand staircase are all housed at the Divine Lorraine. But the glitz and glamour wasn’t always the case at Broad and Fairmount.

Logan Rothman is the Assistant Property Manager at EB Realty, which is the company responsible for redeveloping the Lorraine to what it is today. He explained that “construction on this project started in late 2015 and it’s really come along. It looks a lot nicer and a lot better than what its original state was in.”

Now, the lights are on and the elevators are back up and running to house the hundreds of tenants that live in the building. Among those who live there is Kate O’Brien, a 2012 Temple graduate who has been adding her own spark to the Divine Lorraine and enjoys living in such a great building.

“If i had a soulmate for a building this would definitely be it”, she commented.

The Grand Staircase in the lobby of the Divine Lorraine

However, living in such an iconic building comes with a high price tag. Apartments start at $1300 per month and increase depending on the floor plan. But, with most of the building full and high praise for the redevelopment, calling the Divine your home is something impressive to say.

“I plan on staying here as long as I can,” said O’Brien.

For more history on the Divine Lorraine, you can visit its history page on their website.

Temple Lung Center Telehealth Program

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The Temple Lung Center treats hundreds of patients. With so many people to take care of, some conditions like Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis require extra attention.

This condition is extremely volatile and can be fatal, and patients need constant monitoring from their medical practitioners. With this in mind, Temple is adapting a telehealth program—previously used for patients with COPD—to keep updated on patient’s status.

This new development came about from a partnership with HGE Health, a Temple founded organization who have done similar programs in the past. Patients using this program will be able to either call in or use smartphone apps to regularly track their vitals, updating their doctors wherever they are. This also allows for daily checkups, whereas in a normal system patients might only come by every 3 to 6 months.

This dramatically improves patient safety, as they can stay in touch with their doctors constantly and treatment can be applied much faster when necessary. It also improves rapport between patients and their staff, having constant access whenever they are concerned, without having to wait for their appointments.

The new program is being rolled out for IPF patients, but the past has seen success in demo groups for lung transplant patients, and COPD patients. The staff hopes that this new, expanded Telehealth program will go live in the next couple of months.

Lo Último – 18 de abril 2018

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En este episodio de Lo Último tenemos información sobre FEMA deteniendo financiamiento y vivienda para víctimas del Huracán Maria de Puerto Rico, mas cerca de casa, dos hombres fueron arrestando en Starbucks en Rittenhouse Square, Meek Mill podría tener una nueva fecha de prueba, y mucho más. Como siempre, también tenemos a Jorge Matamoros con los deportes y a Jennysabid Ferreira con la clima. ¡Gracias por sintonizar!

Cory Booker Announced as 2018 Commencement Speaker

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Temple University’s 131st Commencement ceremony is only one month away, and anticipation is high. Each year, speeches from students and guest speakers aim to motivate and excite graduates.

New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker will be this year’s commencement speaker. On May 10, the senator will take stage in the Liacouras Center to deliver his speech.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D)

Booker joins Philadelphia Tribune President and CEO Robert Bogle and Visit Philadelphia President and CEO Meryl Levitz in this year’s group of honorary degree recipients. Honorary degrees are bestowed to leaders from various backgrounds and fields whose accomplishments epitomize the university’s standards.

The U.S. senator received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, where he was also awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. Cooker later studied at the University of Oxford, where he received an honors degree in History. Booker then completed his education at Yale Law School, receiving his J.D. in 1997.

Booker started his career by moving to Newark and creating a nonprofit organization to provide legal assistance for low-income families. He worked with landlords to help improve living conditions and allow residents to stay in their homes.

Beginning his political career began at the age of 29, Booker was elected to the Newark City Council from the city’s Central Ward. Starting in 2006, Booker served as Newark’s mayor for more than seven years. On October 16, 2013, Booker won a special election to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate. On November 4, 2014, Senator Booker was re-elected to a full six year term.

Senator Booker has worked tirelessly to tackle important issues facing New Jersey and his country. Whether it’s campaigning for more federal resources to improve New Jersey’s transportation system, securing funds to continue recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy, or advocating for community health, Booker has proven his commitment to the public. 

Cory Booker’s visit to Temple this May won’t be his first. He spoke at the memorial service for Trustee Lewis Katz back in 2014.

Click here for more details on the upcoming ceremony. 

TUTV Hosts Taste of Summer Event at The View

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Students today lined up outside the the View at the corner of 12th and Montgomery in celebration of today’s TUTV event.

Complete with a DJ and prize table, interested students lined up starting at noon today for free water ice and even a prize wheel to win some TUTV swag.

“It’s called Taste of Summer,” one of TUTV’s staff members told us. “We’re out here celebrating the end of the school year, with some water ice and prizes.”

Keep up with TUTV on Twitter and Instagram.


Inside the Temple University Philippine American Council

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“I can’t see my college career ever starting ‘til I joined TUPAC,” says Aielle Reyna, senior nursing major at Temple University and current President of the Temple University Philippine American Council (TUPAC), which is a student organization of non Filipinos and Filipinos who practice, discuss, and educate themselves about Filipino cultural traditions and current events.

“I found out about TUPAC in my freshman year but I wasn’t really interested,” Reyna adds. “I was a commuter so joining clubs and stuff would be extra time for me to stay on campus when I would rather just be home.”

After being convinced to attend a TUPAC Easter egg hunt by her friend, Reyna got involved with the student organization in her junior year.

“Eventually I got the position as secretary and I got more involved in the club,” says Reyna. “It really became like my second family, my second home here.”

A typical TUPAC meeting begins with announcements, and then the club will play a game relating to Filipino culture, such as a Filipino street game, have a language lesson, or hold a discussion exploring identity.

“We’re just trying to educate ourselves about the Philippines, what we’re about,” says Reyna. “For this year we’re really looking towards self-identity in one’s culture. Especially since a lot of us are first or second generation Filipino Americans where we’re so Westernized we kind of forget our culture back home.”

This year, TUPAC hosted Mr. District 5, also known as Mr. D-5, in late February, one of their largest annual events.

TUPAC on a bonding trip/ Mia Garcia

TUPAC is a part of District 5 of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, a national organization which works to unite Filipino students in higher education and has 9 districts around the United States of America. District 5 also includes the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Delaware, and other schools in the area.

“Mr. D-5 [ . . .] was a male pageant between all the district schools,” says Reyna. “But they would showcase different talents with their Filipino culture so some people would dance traditional Filipino dances, some people would have like a dialogue in Tagalog, which is one of our native languages, and some people would just talk about how being Filipino really affected them.”

TUPAC hosts general body meetings from 5 PM to 7 PM on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The club donates to charities which help the Philippines. Depending on the season, the meeting can be holiday themed and celebrated with Filipino traditions.

To celebrate Valentine’s day, TUPAC hosted one meeting in which they discussed courtship in the Philippines.  In the past, to celebrate Christmas the club members have made star lanterns and put candles inside of them to light them which are commonly made in the Philippines around the holiday season.

“I went to the first meeting and obviously the first meeting you’re just meeting everybody so you don’t have a friend there,” says Mia Garcia, freshman Legal Studies major at Temple University. “But like as the second meeting rolled around we were all comfortable with each other and it’s kind of like the feeling where you meet someone for the first time and you guys are just–you instantly hit it off and it’s just like you’ve known each other for years.”

“It’s only my first year of college but I feel like I definitely found the people that I’m going to keep in my life forever,” Garcia adds.

Students looking to get involved with TUPAC can find more information here.

Andrea Constand Testifies in Cosby Trial

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Andrea Constand (Courtesy of AP Photo/Corey Perrine, Pool)

Andrea Constand was back in court Friday to face her accused assaulter Bill Cosby. She sat through a lengthy cross-examination, which continues into today. One of the principal items on the agenda for the defense was Constand’s civil settlement against Cosby back in 2006.

The former Temple employee settled for 3 million dollars back in her 2006 civil suit with Cosby, but is taking the stand once again, claiming that she wants justice.

When speaking about the 2006 case, Constand claims that she settled “because it was a very painstaking process for me and my family, it tore my family apart and we just wanted it over.”

Cosby’s legal team, lead by lawyer Tom Mesereau, has alleged that Constand is a “con artist,” seeking to frame and swindle Cosby for his money. The defense has also brought up evidence of past economic negligence on Constand’s part, including several emails related to a pyramid scheme distributed by Constand during her time at Temple University.

In her official testimony, Constand claims that she took three unknown blue pills at the comedian’s behest, and awoke paralyzed before Cosby assaulted her. The defense instead argues that the encounter was consensual. Defense spokesperson Andrew Wyatt told Associated Press Friday that he expects the jury to find Cosby not guilty following the testimony.

Today’s testimony included the defense also questioning Constand’s inconsistencies in police reports. Initial police reports described Cosby and Constand as “acquaintances,” despite Constand describing Cosby as a close personal friend in prior meetings. Small inconsistencies such as these have been brushed off by Constand, but the defense hopes that they will serve to discredit the prosecution’s claims and reliability.

Cosby’s trial is expected to continue tomorrow. Stick with Temple Update for more details on the trial as they emerge.

Temple fue el Anfitrion de el Panel de Periodismo Latino en Filadelfia

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Una foto de los periodistas.

“Media is being forced to rethink, uh, that you guys have a role to play,” dice Milady Nazir, la reportera de Unvision 65.

Y repensando los medios fue exactamente lo que hizo un panel de notables miembros de Philadelphia’s Latino media durante una serie de discursos de graduados.

El evento, que occurio el martes por la manana, incluyo personalidades de NBC10 y Telemundo 62, Al Dia, la revista “Motivos,” Univision 65 y El Zol.

Miguel Martinez-Valle, Emma Restrep y Jenée A. Chizick-Agüera

Temas candentes relacionado con la comunidad latina como inmigracion, etica de los medios, y el activismo social dominaron la conversacion entre la audiencia y los profesionales.

Pero para una una audiencia que inluia mayormente estudiantes de ultimo ano, los momentos mas memeorable fueron de panelistas, como el periodista bilingüe Miguel Martinez-Valle.

Valle, quien se graduo de Michigan State en 2015, ofrecio sus proprios consejos en como sobresalir en el competativo mercado de trabajo de hoy en dia.

“Ay que creer en ti mismo, ay que, ay que hacerlo si si si alguin te dise que no puedes hacer algo,” él dice. “Como a mi me desian que no puedo trabajar en ingles y en espaniol que tengo que escojer uno, y yo dije no yo.”

“Esta llena con informacion sobre como recoger becas, aaaa como entrar a la universidad, eee como escribir un ensayo para recibir una beca por ejemplo … Entonces léela!”

El evento era moderado por la professora de los estudios de medios y produccion, la doctora Clemencia Rodriguez

El evento era moderado por la professora de los estudios de medios y produccion, la doctora Clemencia Rodriguez, quien dice que enfatizar la importancia de la inclusividad es una leccion importante para todos.

“Tiene que vinir de los estudiantes las initiativas entices los invitos a toadas y a todos pa que participen y token la puerta del college y llegen con sus ideas lo que quieren y estamos dispuestos a serlos realidad.”

The View at Montgomery Hosts Resident Thank You Lunch

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Students filled The View at Montgomery’s lobby on Thursday to celebrate its latest rankings as the “Best Student Housing Project in Philadelphia,” and as the 16th best student housing property in the nation by J Turner Research. The Goldenberg Group, the real estate developer of The View, held a lunch in the lobby as a thank-you to its residents for making this possible.

A model of what “The View 2” will look like upon its completion in the summer of 2019.

The lunch also served as an opportunity for residents to find out more about “The View 2,” the building next to The View that is currently being constructed. Kevin Trapper, the Senior Vice President of The Goldenberg Group, and Gina Milner, the Executive Vice President of Marketing, joined students to explain more about the current project.

Trapper sat down with Temple Update to explain in more detail about the new building, and he also spoke about community outreach programs The Goldenberg Group works with around its residencies.

The new building will be split into two sections, an East wing and a West wing. While all of the layouts available in the current building will be available in the new building, the West wing of “The View 2” will also feature more studio apartments. The two sides of the building will be connected by a common lounge area, which will feature a fire place, more individual study rooms, and a large, open lounging area. There will be a fitness room much larger than the one in the current building, featuring specific areas for cardio, free weights and more. The new building will also host an outdoor fitness area, where Trapper explained fitness classes will take place. Along with all of these amenities, the new building will expand the existing parking area, adding 94 new spaces. “The number one goal for the new facility is to bring high quality living for it students that creates first, a very safe and secure environment for the students, and also promotes the academic experience, and also the community experience,” Trapper explained.

Trapper elaborated on how The Goldenberg Group aims to improve the communities its residencies are built in. The Goldenberg Group actually started as a way for Ken Goldenberg, the founder, to create an annuity to fund his charitable interest. The charity started by The Goldenberg Group is called “People Helping People.” Once a month, employees of The Goldenberg Group get one day off to work on different volunteer projects that will benefit the community.

One example of The Goldenberg Group giving back in the community surrounding Temple is with Dunbar Elementary School. This school is located next to The View. They’ve done various work within this school, including:

  • Building a teachers lounge for Dunbar employees
  • Re-painting classrooms
  • Hosting a “Back to School Red Carpet,” where they rolled out a red carpet for students to walk up on their first day back to school. At the end of the red carpet, each student received a backpack filled with pencils and various school supplies
  • Supplying uniforms to incoming students merging with Dunbar Elementary from another school
  • Holding an academic competition where the class with the best grades won a prize that included a movie night held in The View’s infamous Sky Lounge

People Helping People has provided everything from local grocery stores in food deserts in Philadelphia to adopting an orphanage in Kenya. Gina Milner said that a huge part of her choosing to work with The Goldenberg Group came from it having such strong roots in its philanthropy.

To find out more on how to get involved with People Helping People, click here.

Lo Último – 13 de abril 2018

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En este episodio de Lo Último tenemos noticias sobre la frontera de los Estados Unidos y México, la nueva Campaña de TSG y el fraternidad que puede ser desasociado de Temple. Tenemos nueva caras para deportes y clima con Lianna Golden diciéndote todo que necesitas saber sobre los 76ers, los Flyers, y Fran Dunphy y también tenemos a Jennifer Mota dejándote saber si necesitas una chaqueta ó no. ¡Gracias por sintonizar!