1940 Residence Hall Pipe Bursts

Hallways were abandoned Sunday afternoon after students living in the 1940 residence hall woke up to a different alarm than they may be used to.

Residential Life emailed students early Sunday, alerting them about a loss of heat in the building, but by then, it was too late.

Residents were evacuated around 9:15 in the morning after a pipe burst led to water spreading throughout the floors of the building. And while most of the 500 residents were able to return to the building within a few hours, some students weren’t so lucky.

Christine Sirles and Haley Lockstein were forced out of their room for two days, and left, with a mess they’re still cleaning up. They told Temple Update they believe Temple needs a better plan for disasters such as these.

Haley and Christine believe there is a lot to be learned from this experience, and that includes how the university handles crises such as this.

Students can expect repairs to the building to continue throughout the week as the drying process continues. But for some, the nightmare of this ordeal is far from over.

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