Temple Tackles Ebola

Hospital“Africans, we are usually marginalized into just one big Africa. Nobody really knows North, West and South” junior Adrienne Tingba said.

Tingba is a Liberian native, hailing from West Africa. Tingba’s homeland, joining three other West African countries, are currently under code three travel restrictions as the U.S. government struggles to fight the spread of the Ebola virus.

“I understand why they’re targeting me and [those from my country.] But I don’t agree with them target [all] African nations” Tingba said.

Tingba is referencing the precautionary measures Temple University has taken since the outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. The University has advised all students to avoid travel to and from Africa, especially nations that are currently suffering from an Ebola outbreak.

“In about mid-August, [Temple] contacted students who were coming to campus from West Africa to encourage them to monitor their health and to emphasize the importance of [self-screening for any symptoms.]” said Brandon Lausch, a spokesperson for the University.

University officials have recently contacted those students to inquire about whether or not they plan to travel to Africa this Winter Break. Though main campus has not identified any case of Ebola in students or staff, all those involved have remained vigilant. The Temple University Hospital staff are confident that should an Ebola outbreak occur, they have the ability to contain it.

“Temple has been prepared for bio-terrorism and chemical warfare events for a long time. Because of that, the emergency room folks [at Temple University Hospital] train frequently in the ability to respond…” Dr. Herbert Cushing, MD, and Chief Medical Officer at Temple University Hospital said.

For Tingba, her parents prefer that she spends her holiday in the states rather than return home, where the chance of infection is much higher.


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