3 Things to Know for Thursday, April 6

A stage will be built in front of the steps, blocking them from public use.

Chairman of House intelligence committee steps away from Russia probe:

  • The chairman of the House intelligence committee, Devin Nunes announced Thursday that he is temporarily stepping down from his leadership position in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Democrats have said that Nunes, who was on President Trump’s transition team, is too close to the White House and cannot guide an unbiased investigation.

Shelter-in-Place drill on all U.S. campuses:

  • Temple initiated a Shelter-in-Place drill on all U.S. campuses at noon today. The drill was enacted to prepare for environmental hazards like severe weather or chemical releases. All students and faculty were urged to stay inside, away from windows and doors for around 15 minutes. The drill was accompanied by a test of the TU Siren system.

Rocky Steps to shut down during NFL draft:

  • The NFL draft will be in Philadelphia from April 27th to the the 29th. A temporary theater for the draft is being built in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which covers the iconic steps from the Rocky Balboa film series. Tourists and fans will not be able to use the steps until the stage is removed, but they can still see the sneaker imprints at the top landing and the Rocky statue at the bottom.

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