Temple Lacrosse Roars Back, Secures Best Start in 20 Years

Credit: Cincinnati Athletics

Temple Lacrosse is on fire. On Wednesday, the Owls, lead by Brenda McDermott took down Cincinnati. The game wasn’t the girl’s prettiest this season. In total the Owls committed 21 turnovers, which equated to their second highest total all year. It took some time before either team got on the board, but the Bearcats stuck first. The first half became a back and forth affair with Cincinnati holding onto a 4-3 lead going into the half.

The beginning of the second half wasn’t kind to the Owls. The Bearcat’s Elaina Enich lead the team in opening up an 8-4 advantage with little under 13:00 to play. The then teams exchanged goals at around the 9:00 mark making the score 9-5. The Owls needed a spark and got it in the form of Brenda McDermmot. Down the final 8:00 stretch, Temple scored 4 goals, three of which coming from McDermott. Finally, with just 1:33 left to spare Carly Demato scored the go ahead goal. Just for good measure Anna Fredrick chipped in the final goal for the Owls making the final score 11-9.

The team is now 3-1 in the Big East and holds its best record in the past 20 years. They will now enjoy a two game home stand and prepare for Big East and long-time rival Villanova this upcoming Saturday.

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