3 Things to Know for Thursday, March 30

More Amazon warehouses are opening throughout the U.S.

North Carolina lawmakers vote to roll back bathroom bill:

  • A bill slated to replace North Carolina’s bathroom bill passed in the Senate by a vote of 36-16. The bill is set to repeal some of House Bill 2’s rules, however many LGBT activists say the bill does not outline concrete plans to fully prevent discrimination. The vote comes in the midst of an announcement by the NCAA, barring North Carolina from participating in championship events due to HB2’s contents.

Fresh beef to be introduced at McDonald’s:

  • McDonald’s has announced Thursday that it will replace its frozen beef patties for fresh beef in its Quarter Pounder burgers. The changes come as an attempt to improve its image and to compete with rivals, such as Wendy’s, after losing 500 million customer transactions since 2012. The new fresh beef will come to most locations by mid-2018.

Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes:

  • On Saturday, Amazon will begin collecting sales taxes in all states. Prior to this policy, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico were the only states whom Amazon did not tax besides those that do not have sales taxes at all. Amazon previously fought to keep online purchases tax free, but as distribution centers open in more states, the states’ sales tax revenues were not keeping pace.

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