University Plans to Test the Shelter-In-Place Drill on April 6

Students received a message Thursday afternoon stating that all U.S. Temple campus’ will hold a shelter-in-place drill next Thursday, April 6.

In an email sent from the Executive Director of Public Safety, Charles Leone, students were notified that the university, “Will test the plans, policies and response capabilities for a shelter-in-place scenario on all U.S. campuses.”  Leone also stated that, “This drill will help us identify areas in need of improvement as well as unify our university wide emergency preparedness efforts.”

During the drill, the outdoor warning sirens (TUSirens) will sound for about 10-15 minutes on Main Campus and the Health Science Campus.

The Shelter-place-procedure drill is utilized to prepare for any situation that involves an environment hazard such as a chemical release or a severe weather threat—during the procedure everyone must seek sheltered indoors, and stay in that location until heard otherwise. Shelter-in-indoors is different from the lock-down procedure which arises in the case of a violent human threat of any kind, such as an active shooter scenario—no doors should be locked for the shelter-in-place drill.

Students and faculty will again be notified about the drill via the TUalert message system at 12pm on April 6 at the start of the drill, and again when the drill concludes. Although it is not required to take shelter during the dill, Leone recommends that students and faculty, “Take a moment to practice the procedure and to consider the types of scenarios that would call for sheltering in place.”

For any questions about the shelter-in-place drill, or questions about any of Temple’s safety initiative, contact Contact Sarah Powell at 215-204-7470 or


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