30th Street Station Removes Famous Solari Board

The historic Solari board that once stood in 30th street station, ringing out and announcing daily train schedules, is no more.

AMTRAK announced in November that they would remove the sign, which has been a staple of the station since the 1970s.

SEPTA staff later began disassembling the board in late January.

Though once commonplace in airports and trains all across the nation, the dated board is now a relic of an earlier time and stands more as a novelty than an actual utility.

The parts of the board are no longer manufactured, making repair of the board even more difficult.

The station will now also begin a new sign upgrade, that is estimated to cost roughly 11 million dollars in total.

The historic sign will also be donated to the railroad museum of Pennsylvania, where it will be displayed as a part of PA’s rail history.

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