35th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run

35th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run
35th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run

This year marked Philadelphia’s 35th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

The race’s donations benefit the American Cancer Society, which has its own charity runner program, DetermiNation, which helps train runners for upcoming marathons.

Over 40,000 people participated in the 10 mile race that began at West Fisher Avenue and finished inside the Philly’s Navy Yard at the end of Broad Street.

Runners that were taking part in the event kept their minds on their goal, whether it was for family and friends, or for personal reasons.

Runners make their way through Temple's campus
Runners make their way through Temple’s campus

Lisa Cephas, shared with us what goes through her mind during a race and said, “I think about people who I have inspired, because five years ago I weighed over 400 pounds, and I started a weight loss journey and I keep people encouraged by setting race dates, completing races, and trying to do better each race.”

The race went straight through Temple’s campus where support continued to show.

Update's Jackie Corbett cheers on runners with an encouraging sign
Update’s Jackie Corbett cheers on runners with an encouraging sign

Temple alumni and current students cheered on the participating runners with signs and noise makers. Some runners even stopped to take pictures with Temple’s mascot, Hooter the Owl. Temple alumni provided refreshments for runners and expressed why they thought it was important for Temple to show support for the race.

“The Broad Street run goes all throughout the city, so for Temple to be right in the middle of it, I think, is great support,” says Christopher Miano, a Temple alumnus.

When runners finally approached the finish line at the Navy Yard, they couldn’t help but throw their hands up in victory.

Katrina and Conor McGrath, two siblings that ran the race, expressed how they felt not only at the finish line but throughout the whole race saying, “Crossing the finish line was so nice. It was so nice to have the people cheer for you all along the way, and have them come out and play with their bands and choirs. It’s a lot of fun and really festive.”

To check out final results of the race, click here.

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