Film Festival Unites Children, Despite Differences

The International Children’s Film Festival gave students a great opportunity to experience different cultures through the art of filmmaking.

International Children's Film FestivalLast week, The Center for Media and Information Literacy sponsored The International Children’s Film Festival to showcase a variety of short films from young filmmakers all around the globe. Professor Sherri Hope Culver who is the president of the Center for Media and Information Literacy sees it as an enlightening experience to all.

“It was an opportunity to show students and community people…how children and how the youth represent themselves around the world. The other is to help students and folks see other parts of the world from the viewpoint of the people who are making media there in a way we would not get the chance to see in a news report on network news…” said Culver.

The films showcased were winners of the worldwide film festival, Plural Plus Festival sponsored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilization. The creators of the films ranged between the ages of 9 and 25.

“I hope they learned that a lot of people around the world are just like them…they also experience a lot of the same things and same emotional ups and downs,” said Culver.

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