ESPN Anchors Talk to Student-Athletes

Several hundred student athletes came to McGonigle hall for the second installment of a professional development series entitled striving for excellence. Host Marc Williams brought in ESPN’s Sports Center anchors Jay Crawford and Jay Harris to talk about social media and networking.

Temple volleyball player, Gabriella Matautia gathered a lot from the talk, stating, “We have social media and everyone wants to use it, but it’s really not as free as we’d like it to be, cuz you know, we are representatives of our families, our universities.”

Just to be mindful that we’re representatives of our university…I mean, we’re told that all the time, but to hear it from them means a lot.

Harris and Crawford took questions from student-athletes and offered real-life advice on being successful after graduating from college.

Crawford said, “Now it’s our turn to give back and help as many people as we can, and I look at it at dropping seeds.”

Mark Williams, the host of the event and CEO of Williams Communications exclaimed, ”And Jay Crawford has to be on TV tomorrow morning….so it shows you their commitment…So we wanted to bring people in that reflect the values that our company exposes, but also the passion and also the interest of helping student athletes be the best they can be.”

During the meet and greet, the two sports center hosts stressed the importance of using caution when it comes to social media platforms.

The next speaker in the series will be NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry.

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