Meet the newest addition to Temple Police, Jarvis the Police Dog

When going to school in a large city like Philadelphia, safety is a concern that’s on everybody’s mind.  To enhance security campus wide, Temple Police are putting new safety measures into effect.

“I feel good about it because it’s nice to know that with all the money that we pay to go school that it’s not just going to our education but it’s also about safety.  Temple’s really putting the students first, which is nice to know that they really appreciate us,” says junior Joe Meola.

One of the new additions is a K-9 officer unit, Jarvis, the bomb-sniffing dog. But don’t let the title intimidate you. The golden retriever/yellow lab mix is here to do an important job but is also very friendly.

“He’s a really polite dog, real nice and great for the community. People like to see him around the campus,” says Officer Larry Besa of Temple’s Police Department.

Jarvis is trained in human scent tracking, for criminal apprehension and explosion detection. During the day, he patrols around campus and helps protect the community.  With the increase of bombs threats around college campuses, Temple Police felt it was safer to have a resource like Jarvis.

Officer Besa added, “I think it helps having him around campus, especially when it’s really crowded during the daytime, and I have to bring him in the buildings and do a search. It’s really nice to get on an elevator with a group of people and not have to worry about the dog.” The addition of Jarvis to Temple is helping reinforce security measures on campus to make sure everyone in the community feels safe.

For more information about Campus Safety, visit Temple’s Safety Services website.

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