College Students Spooked at Terror Behind the Walls

Since its conversion to a National Landmark and haunted house, the Eastern State Penitentiary has been attracting college students from all over.

“Well I think it’s a great attraction for college students because its an opportunity to get together with your friends have a great safe evening fun and entertaining get scared completely out of your mind, and laugh joke around have a great time. Really face your fears, get you away from studying for a little bit,” said John Lauver, Zone Manager of Terror Behind the Walls. “You can take some time out to come through the prison. Its also a great place, historically, during the day, there are historical tours where you can look at this wonderful historical building.”

With terrors behind every turn, you’ll definitely have something to scream about.

“I love seeing groups of college students coming through Terror Behind the Walls because there’s such an energy,” said General Manager of Terror Behind the Walls, Steve. “So many people come   from so many schools around Philadelphia and they meet in the cell blocks here at Eastern State Penitentiary. Every year, we change terror behind the walls. We have to. We have to give people a reason to come back. For 2013, we have the biggest change we’ve made in many years, we put a bloody X on your cheek, we put a glow necklace around your neck, if you choose to, and then the actors know that their allowed to touch or grab or pull you from your group.”

Many changes have been made to this attraction with the hopes of making this fright fest more interactive. The Eastern State Penitentiary offers events geared towards college students and is easily accessible by public transportation from college campuses across Philadelphia.

“It’s got to be the best place in America to have a haunted house, we just see hundreds of laughing and terrified college students coming through,” added General Manager, Steve.

With interactive tours in daytime and terror at night, the Eastern State Penitentiary has a lot to offer.


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