Free Recitals at Rock Hall

Boyer College of Music and dance at Temple University holds a variety of free concerts throughout they year. This week’s faculty and guest artist recital was at Rock Hall auditorium on Tuesday.  Violin instructor Vladimir Dyo performed a variety of classical pieces along with guest artists Ogaden bar David on cello and Hugh Sung on piano.

“Students look at us as role models and I think it is important for us to perform and that they learn not only from class lessons but also, they learn how things get done on the concert stage,” says ,Dyo explaining his reason for participating in the recitals.

These concerts at Rock Hall also give attendees the opportunity to hear world-class musicians on Temple’s campus rather than having to travel to Center City and purchase a pricey concert ticket.

Temple sophomore Katie Burns enthused, “I was excited to have a great night of music with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, which I thought was just a treat to have a concert with such great musicians and I loved the variety of music that they played, and just every bit of it was enjoyable.”

Rock Hall’s location on Broad Street makes the recitals easily accessible to the public. The music department faculty encourages everyone to come and enjoy the music.

“I think that’s how we get connected with the community first of all,” Dyo illuminated. “Something happens to people and they probably have at least a little moment to forget all their troubles and I believe classical music brings joy to hearts’ of listeners.”

The faculty and guest artist recitals at Rock Hall auditorium will remain free and open to the public. To find out who’s performing next, just visit

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