5th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Three hundred and forty men came out to the 5th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event hosted by the Wellness Resource Center this Wednesday. The traded in their sneakers, in exchange for some high heels and strutted their stuff around campus.

The event raised awareness for women’s sexual assault and violence. Those walking started and ended their route in Founder’s Garden on Temple University’s campus. Female students, athletes and even Coach Fran Dunphy stood on stage and sharing stories and explaining why raising awareness for this cause is so important.

Tee shirts on close pins decorated the Garden, each representing and honoring someone affected by sexual assault.

Other students stood on street corners with signs, cheering on the men walking in heels. Supporters on campus included Temple’s own, Matt Rhule. He spoke about the importance of protecting those around you.

“It’s important to stand up as a man and show people what a man is. A man is somebody that protects the people that he loves, protects the people that he knows, and also protects the people that he doesn’t know. And, I think, part of being here at Temple is making sure that everybody on the campus has a tremendous experience,” Rhule said.

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