Renovated Divine Lorraine to Reopen Next Year


The massive structure on Broad Street halfway between Center City and Temple University is finally getting a face-lift. The Divine Lorraine Hotel has been vacant for the past 17 years, and parts will finally be opened for use by the end of this year.

Vice President of EB Realty Management Corporation (EBRM), Christopher Cordaro says, “Divine Lorraine has sat here for a significant period of time and is seen as a symbol of blight.”

His company, as well as other companies involved in the renovations, hopes to change that. They hope to not only bring the Divine Lorraine back to life but the community as well.

The Divine Lorraine Hotel
The Divine Lorraine Hotel

Cordaro says, “It really is more than just an activation for the neighborhood, it’s a symbol for redevelopment in the communities.”

Many people who live in the area are excited to finally see the Divine Lorraine functioning after being vacant and an eyesore for so long.

Claire Flexman who lives in the area says, “I think it will be great for the neighborhood, it’s a building we’ve all see and admired for many many years and always wondered if it would become something again.”  

It is finally in the process of becoming something again. EBRM hopes to bring the historic significance back into the building with its original pieces. The marble floors and window frames will be restored to their original state.

A coffee shop and bi-level restaurant will fill the commercial space, and hopefully the apartments will fill quickly after it officially opens.

Each apartment will be equipt with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and range in a number of bedrooms. The building will even have a 24-hour doorman to ensure the safety of the residences.

The ballroom is so large they are making it into two separate floors holding apartments on each floor. The Annex in the back of the building will be renovated into something, but it is still a surprise.

EBRM hopes to have all of the renovations and restorations completed by March of 2017.

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