“Dollars and Sense” Explores Crowdfunding

If you’re wondering how to kick start your business idea, 900AM WURD Radio explored options with Temple students and the community. In partnership with Philly Tech Week and Wilco Electronic Systems, 900 AM WURD Radio presented “Dollars and Sense,” a workshop discussion on crowdfunding.

Panelists address studentsPanelists included Issa Rae, Tim Reese, Daryl H. Bryant, and Evita Robinson, with Brigette Daniel, Executive Vice President of Wilco Electronic Systems as the Event Moderator.

Fox School of Business Professor Chris Rabb, and author of the book Invisible Capital, lightheartedly welcomed guests with a joke. He then spoke about building one’s household wealth and closing the racial wealth gap.

“It’s really looking at modern US business, in the context of structural inequality and, how in fact entrepreneurs are not operating in a pure meritocracy and in fact the playing field is not level at all and what it takes to democratize entrepreneurial opportunities so that more people can be crazy enough to start a business and have some of them actually succeed” says Rabb.

Panelists discussed options such as donation based crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, which is a well-known platform that connects innovators, who can pitch their project ideas and people, who can then pledge money to help make these project ideas into a reality.

900AM WURD Radio’s event Crowdfunding: How To Fund Your Big, Bold Ideas is an interactive panel discussion from their Dollars and Sense workshop series.

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