SMC Surveys Students

With registration for the Fall 2014 semester under way, The School of Media and Communications has made several changes to accommodate the hundreds of students they educate. To determine which changes would be most beneficial to students, the SMC Media Studies and Production Department has distributed over 500 surveys in the past week to see what changes in registration students would like to see.

Discovering that the majority of classes are closing fast and thus students are unable to register for required classes needed to graduate, the Curriculum Committee is now taking control.

“If we’ve hit roadblocks we need to know. The students have been amazing in their frankness, in their willingness to take ten minutes and do this crazy thing in the middle of the class. It’s really going to help us streamline everything” said Professor Amy Caples, a leader of the survey.

Students take a survey for curriculum changeStudents are hoping their responses will help streamline, equalize and economize the registration process. Students are looking at the changes to help increase on-time graduation and prevent schedule overloading.

“Sometimes the cap of a class is a little too low. I think that Temple definitely needs to hike that up a bit so that their students can graduate on time” said senior Kayla Tarpley.


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