A Glamorous Night at the Miss Caribbean Queen Pageant

The Miss Caribbean Queen Pageant was hosted by the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness on April 15, 2023, to elect a new queen.

Being a Campus Queen at Temple has significant meaning to SOCA. Former Miss Caribbean Tynecia Wilson tells her experience of serving as Queen.

She states, “ Being a Queen means being empathetic, it means understanding other people and their story, it means in the process of building up yourself and developing who you are in the world you’re also developing the people  you.”

A huge highlight of the night is the talent segment where each contestant had the opportunity to showcase what they are most passionate about.

Reigning Miss Caribbean, Trish Elleston admires the effort the contestant put in for this pageant. 

Trish states, “ I led them the entire way,  so I just want to tell them to do their best!  We’ve all been working for months and I am pretty sure whoever is supposed to win, and whoever doesn’t still did a good job” 

We asked Jaylon Hodge if he had anything to tell the community and he expresses that he wishes to get more engagement on social media to support the organization.

He states, “ Follow Us on Instagram @Socatu to follow us for our upcoming events. “

After Scores were tallied,  Miss Haiti Tasha Merine was crowned as Miss Caribbean 2023-24.

Tasha expressed her gratitude to all contestants in the pageant. 

Tasha stated, “I would like to say that we all did an amazing job we’re all queens in my eyes”

On behalf of Temple Update, we would like to congratulate the newly elected Miss Caribbean Queen and all contestants who participated in this event.

If students wish to seek more information about getting information about the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness, follow their Instagram.

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