AAC Tournament Preview


Reporters Dan Marcel, Tommy Sladek, and Chase Senior give a pregame preview for the Temple Owls game against University of Central Florida in Memphis, Tennessee at the launch of the American Athletic Conference.

Temple has a chance to make it into March Madness, if they win this tournament. The chance is bleak, but “every team has a chance, forget about whether they’ve had some days off or not, this is the time to get it right, this is the time to get some momentum, get some wins together and play your best basketball,” said reporter Chase Senior.

Keep an eye out for the Owls on ESPN2 and stay tuned for more TUMBB hoops as the tournament continues.

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Sophomore Media Studies and Production major at Temple University. Sports anchor for the Sports Desk at Temple Update. Reporter for OwlSports Update. Videographer for Temple Women's Lacrosse. Correspondent at isportsweb.com #templemade

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