Report From London: Fashion Week Intern

Temple student Marc Anthony Gardner is participating in the opportunity of a lifetime by interning for one of the local designers who took part in London Fashion Week: Nico Didonna. As the Autumn-Winter 2014 Fashion Week approached, Marc had his hands full.
“I promote for his social media, I use Photoshop a lot. I actually helped a lot with London Fashion Week, creating boards and creating flyers. And sending out press releases, invitations, and making the guest list. It’s different than anything I’ve done before,” said Gardner.
didonnaDidonna’s  main concern—other than his new collection—is for his interns to gain something from their internship experiences, rather than sitting back and taking the easy way out. The designer says that he views interning, particularly in the fashion world, as the gateway to getting a permanent job in the future. As a designer who utilizes interns, Didonna takes note of what his interns are doing–their attitude, their motivation and their creativity–for later reference.
Gardner has taken Didonna’s advice in stride, working hard throughout the semester and encountering only one problem while working with Didonna.
“Marc has been very good. Sometimes I don’t understand his strong accent. But yes, it’s been very good. He’s a very good student,” said Didonna.
Interning abroad is an opportunity that only about one percent of American college students take advantage of, so with his positive attitude and strong work ethic, Marc is sure to leave his mark, not only in the London fashion industry, but with employers back at home as well.
Jade Jarvis and KaRa Dorman will be reporting for Temple Update while in London for the rest of the Spring ’14 semester. Stay tuned for all things London. 


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