Abortion Rights Rally

Temple University students and faculty protested for abortion rights at the Bell Tower this Wednesday. After the overturn of Roe V Wade this summer, students are advocating for the right to choose.

The event was organized by TUFARR, Temple University for Autonomy and Reproductive Rights. Members of TUFARR, Norah Sheenan, and Nasia Palaios are hoping to get more students involved by encouraging participation in the upcoming election.  

In an interview, Sheenan says, “Part of the mission of our group is to codify Roe into law and to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.” Sheenan believes that participating in the next election by voting should be made a priority.  

TUFARR member Nasia Palaios adds, “This is not just a women’s issue. It affects everyone. Women, men, non-binary people, and the LGBT+ community, everyone. It should be taken seriously.” 

The rally was attended by a large group of students, faculty, and community members. Many individuals carried signs with popular slogans from pro-choice movements such as “My uterus. My rules.”

TUFARR introduced several speakers to talk about the implications of the overturning of Roe V Wade. A petition to protect Roe V Wade was passed around to attendees for signatures. Members also handed out informational flyers stating their mission and how to support their cause.

Additionally, volunteer community members informed the audience of a future protest at City Hall the day after election day, November 9th at 5:00 pm. TUFARR urges everyone to join the fight for free, safe, and accessible abortion care.  

If you’re interested in getting involved can find TUFARR on Instagram @TU.FARR. If you’d like to attend future reproductive rights protests in the Philadelphia area, go to We Want Democracy | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree.

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