Activate TU Wins TSG Elections

After a campaign that included a suspension and a delay in the announcement of results, Activate TU was named Temple’s new administration for the 2017-2018 academic year. Led by president Tyrell Mann-Barnes, Activate ran on the platform of every student having their voice heard.

Current TSG Vice President, Jai Singletary, called for more transparency in the election process after many questions surrounding this year’s election.

“I mean there is always going to be criticism, and valid criticism, so that’s the job for next years elections commissioner to make sure that those criticisms are heard and remedied, but I think the elections went out fair yes” Singletary said when asked about if he believed the election process was carried out fairly.

Activate was one half of a historic election which featured more than 1,000 votes from the previous year’s. With over 5,000 votes cast, the election was one of the closest in TSG history. Connecting TU lost by less than 100 votes and although they were not the winning party, they shared their congratulations with Activate. “I have to congratulate them on that.” said Connecting campaign manager Kevin Malone when asked about Activate’s win.

Activate TU feels they are an accurate representation of Temple’s student body and according to Vice President, Kayla Martin, they plan to start work as soon as possible. Visit TSG’s website for more information on the election process.

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