AEPi Fraternity to be Removed from Temple’s Campus

One of Temple’s largest fraternities, Alpha Epsilon Pi is set to be removed from campus by officials following accusations of misuse, poor conduct, and sexual assault.

The large fraternity house on the corner of Broad and Norris will soon close its doors to new members as the police investigation into its behavior concludes.

Last April reports surfaced from the Temple police and AEPi leadership that an official investigation into the fraternity’s behavior was underway following several reports of sexual assault by students at fraternity social events.

According to police, a student reported feeling disoriented after having a drink at the fraternity, before waking up with one of the members.

AEPi spokesmen released a statement via their Instagram last spring, claiming that “If we determine that one of our members is responsible-or even knowledge of whom internally or externally is responsible-we will deal with them to the full extent of our powers, including beginning expulsion proceedings from the fraternity and turning them over to local and school authorities.”

Former fraternity president Ari Goldstein was later arrested for attempted sexual assault, before posting bail. Goldstein was arrested a second time over the summer, again posting bail awaiting trial for sexual assault.

Chritopher Carey, Senior Dean of Students told Temple Update that “From a University stand point, the organization is not recognized.” Carey was unable to comment on the specifics of the investigation.

AEPi is the second fraternity to be banned in the last few years. The Beta Phi fraternity was removed in 2016 following hazing accusations, and Temple’s ZBT fraternity was stripped of official recognition in December of 2017 following claims of misconduct.

Any students who may have further information aiding the investigation may make an anonymous call to Temple police at 215-204-1234, or email the department at Additionally, those seeking support or resources related to assault may contact the Wellness Resource Center at 215-204-8436 or at



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