Alumni Forms Company: Books Best Music in Philadelphia

Two Temple Alumni are bringing the hottest music to Philadelphia. Created in a fraternity house basement in 2012, Broad Street Music Group was formed. From there the group has grown to host over 140 shows at 20 different Philadelphia venues, featuring 1300 artists.

For many aspiring performers, Broad Street Music Group has “Four shows a week, Four different venues a week, and the reason is to provide those opportunities… give them a professional place to perform give them some professional press, a professional venue” according to Dave Silver, co creator of BSMG.

One of those aspiring performers goes by Milton and he loves the Broad Street Music Group because “It makes things a lot easier to tell you the truth. Instead of being the business guy and the artist guy, I can more or less be the artist guy more of the time.”

But, artists aren’t the only ones that are getting a hands-on experience. John Wright says “when you are here it’s not even like assigned roles you take the initiative of where you felt your skills best apply and where your desires were.” They have an internship program, which gives students hands on experience in the music business world. According to their website “Needless to say, it is also a great opportunity to network in the industry with our hundreds of connections to professionals and artists.”

Booking local gigs are just the beginning. Broad Street Music Group has big plans to expand into a record label.

You can keep up with Broad Street Music Group on social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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