Annenberg Hall Security Changes


In Spring 2017, a student let someone not from Temple into the back doors of Annenberg Hall. That person got into a fight and Temple Security had to break it up.

But changes to Annenberg’s security system were already in the works to conform with Temple University policy. Klein College Senior Vice Dean, Don Heller, says Klein changed its building access so that students could only enter Annenberg through the front of the building.

“This was the only building on campus where students had swipe access and there was no guard,” said Heller.

Heller understands that students like to hold the door open for other students to get into the building, but he also worries about their safety. Students who work at TUTV and graduate students in the theatre and production department are guaranteed authoritative access since they are in the building most of the time.

Captain of Temple University Police Department, Jeffrey Chapman, makes sure that the bike patrol frequently checks the back door, so unauthorized persons do not get into the building.

“We want to make sure that there are no propped doors,” said Chapman.

Currently, Temple Security is trying to install swipe access in all buildings while having a security guard stand in the front of the building.

“We are waiting for the software and the blessings of the deans and managers of the buildings,” said Chapman. “We want it to be identical to the Tech Center.”

Even though many students find this to be inconvenient, most understand that this benefits their safety. It took many students time to adjust to the changes.

“I think it’s important that safety comes first,” says Temple senior Katie Hullihen. “With everything happening in the world, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Dean Heller says the change to Annenberg’s back door access is permanent.

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