Another Game, Another Win for Men’s Soccer

The next victims for the undefeated Temple Owls Men’s Soccer Team was La Salle. As opposed to one player completely destroying the competition offensively, as was the case with Jorge Gomez-Sanchez last week, the Owls decided to spread the wealth with all four goals coming from four completely different players.

The defense stayed impressive too as they only allowed two shots on the goal where one was saved by Alex Cagle, and the other went in. Even with the one goal allowed, Temple defeated La Salle in a lopsided 4-1 victory, which now pushes Temple’s streak to six wins in a row.

This was the last game they will play outside of their conference and they went on without having lost to a single team outside of their conference this season!

Whether it is one player or the whole team getting involved in the offensive onslaughts, Temple just seems to keep scoring goals and keep winning games this season. Now they have the chance to back up the rest of the season by attempting to finish the season off by going undefeated within the American Athletic Conference as they went outside of it.

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