Auto Show is “Refueled and Recharged”

The Philadelphia auto show has finally opened up to the public again. The auto show runs from March 5th to the 13th at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The title for this year’s event is “Refueled and Recharged” after a hiatus last year due to the pandemic. This year marks the 120th show after the auto show was started all the way back in 1902. We talked to field director Hector Guzman who talked more about this year’s event and what people can expect at the show.

“We just didn’t know, we had to postpone last year’s show, we weren’t 100% positive we were gonna be able to execute this year and the fact that it’s happening, people are here, the city is vibing, we’re absolutely loving it.”

Hector Guzman

Inside you can find all sorts of attractions to enjoy, such as a massive exhibit by Jeep where you can ride along with a driver from the event up a steep 14 foot hill and drive over other obstacles. Along with Jeep, you can find most major car brands showing off their new models like Ford, Kia, Honda and many more. Feeling fancy? Check out the exotic section featuring brands such as Lamborghini, Maserati, and McLaren.

If you want to feel some nostalgia or keep in touch with automotive history, the Back In The Day Way has a massive collection of old vintage cars going back to the Curved Dash Oldsmobile made in 1903. Or if you want something more modern, Custom Alley has tons of custom modded cars from car enthusiasts around the country.

Electric cars are also making an appearance this year. With Kia, Volvo, and Ford showing off some of their new and exciting technology.

“It’s the first year where we brought in an electric track here inside the convention center with several manufacturers. That’s gonna be the biggest thing you see grow not only in size but also with manufactures involved.”

Hector Guzman

With so many exhibits and events, there are hours of fun to be had at this years show. If you are interested in attending, tickets are now available on their website at or can be purchased on site at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

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