Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

The 24th Annual Tattoo Convention in Philadelphia

The 24th annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention was held over a 3-day weekend at the end of February. Thousands of guests and hundreds of vendors participated in the event.

Temple Update spoke to one tattoo vendor who was able to use the convention to accelerate his career as a tattoo artist.

James Guillen works at Electric Cheetah Tattoos in Bethlehem, Pa. Although James had been to the convention before as a guest, this was his first time experiencing the event as a vendor.

“This is the first convention I’m working and the response has been great,” James said.

The convention has allowed James to gain noteriety and expand his client base.

“I see the notifications of followers just like stacking up every minute. So, definitely gaining more followers, getting more clout,” James explained.

The convention is a great way for artists like James to showcase their talents and skill.

The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, hosted by Villian Arts, is an annual event, so be sure to check it out next time it rolls through the Philadelphia Convention Center.

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