Avenue of the Treats Brings Halloween to North Philadelphia

On the evening of Halloween, Temple University is brining the spirit of Halloween to the families of North Philadelphia. The Avenue of the Treats, in its ninth year, is a joint effort between members of the Temple student body, the Temple Police, and several local businesses to create a fun and safe Halloween experience for families local to the area.

Temple Student Government Director of Community Affairs Melonie Collado, in her first time volunteering for the event, believes that The Avenue of the Treats will improve the relationship between Temple University and the North Philadelphia Community. Collado says that “I do think it helps to bridge the gap and it connects people, we have people from the community and people from Temple helping out, so people are working in a collaborative effort”.

In addition to Temple students having fun, residents of the North Philadelphia area enjoy the event because they are able to give their children a fun, and safe Halloween. North Philadelphia resident, Anthony Greer loves the event almost as much as his granddaughter, Amaya does. Greer says that, “I think it’s fantastic, it’s being done honestly so the children don’t have anything to worry about, as far as things like razorblades in apples, and other contraband, I think it’s wonderful.”

The Avenue of the Treats, with the help of the Temple community helps to bridge the gap, between Temple and North Philadelphia residents, in order to give the children a happy, and safe Halloween.

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