Bach in the Subways


For the past three years, Philadelphia has been participating in Bach in the Subways, a traditionthat began in 2011 in New York City to celebrate the life and legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach, the annual event brings his music to the public.

Each March on the weekend anniversary of Bach’s birth, any musician capable of performing his music is welcome to participate and allow commuters the opportunity to stop and hear some classical music on their way to and from work.

Bach in the Subways has grown to over 150 cities in 40 countries around the globe. Members of the Philadelphia Orchestra have performed each year as well as amateur and professional musicians alike. Music lovers gathered this weekend at various subway stations around the city to hear one of 15 performances of Bach’s music by Philadelphian musicians, including Temple professor and Philadelphia Orchestra cellist John Koen.

Students are encouraged to participate; to find out more about the event and how to be a part of it next March, check out the Bach in the Subways website for more information.

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