Bar Camp News Innovation Discusses the Future of News

bar-camoBar Camp News Innovation made its 8th appearance at Temple University this Saturday. Presented by Technically Media, the seminar is held annually to discuss the future of news and media. The conference took place in the atrium of Annenberg Hall and was moderated by co-founder and Editorial Director of Technically Media, Christopher Wink.

The program consisted of an agenda filled with sessions that focused on specific journalistic topics. Of those topics included conversations about trends in online news, digital journalism, and the role of objectivity in journalism practices today.

Christopher Wink, co-founder of Technically Media, a company that publishes local tech news sites, and shares the mission of this specific news event. As a Temple graduate, Wink emphasized the importance in continuing the Bar Camp tradition each year. “It’s been interesting to see how the conversations evolve, and how others remain the same,” explains Wink.

The inspiration for the Bar Camp forum came from a 2008 national conversation about the news industry and how it’s changing. With enhancements in technology, data and social media plays a crucial role in the expansion of journalism.

Also in attendance were keynote speakers of a diverse panel of editors and producers from reputable publications.

Jess Estepa, Senior Digital Producer at National Geographic, and Michael Gold, Social Media Editor for the New York Times were among the group of speakers and discussed their roles in the evolving world of journalism. Estepa also made sure to mention that with social media today, “we can use our brands to do so much more than just journalism.”

The Bar Camp News Innovation is held every year at Temple University’s Annenberg Hall with free admission for Temple students.

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