“Person” of the Week: Baron The Police Dog

By Emily Strange

Temple Police’s secret weapon is a man’s best friend. Baron is one of the two Temple Police kanines who help to keep campus safe as well as his police team and the rest of the North Philadelphia community.

Doug Hotchkiss Police K-9 Officer is Baron’s handler and owner. He says that his dog not only makes the surrounding community safer, but makes him feel safer as well.

Baron was a large asset in the search for cop killer Erin Frien.

Houtchkiss said, “He does explosives. He also does patrol and then that’s where he does criminal apprehension. I think the biggest thing was when we were looking for Eric Frein up in the mountains, because we were in some parts of the woods where you couldn’t even see the guy in front of you.”

Houtchkiss says that Baron is one of the most respected employees of the Temple Police.


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