Barton Demolition Leads to Health Concerns

Some students on main camps grow concerned by the demolition of Barton Hall.

The demolition of Barton Hall, which began at the end of August and is scheduled for completion by December 2015, will make way for construction of the new library.  The entire demolition process costs approximately $4,825,000.

Between the disruptive noise and dust particles finding their way into eyes, the process does not have many fans.  The crews working wish students knew how many levels of precaution occur each day in order to keep the area safe.

Some students have health concerns regarding the project because of all the dust.  Dozie Ibeh of Campus Development assures student air quality check take place on a regular basis.

The new 210,000 square foot library has plans to open sometime in 2018.  The $170,000,000 construction project will create a four-story library.

With demolition 90% complete, construction will begin at the end of 2015.

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