City Council Establishes A New Vending District

Food trucks and carts provide a vibrant backdrop to Temple’s main campus. The iconic scene will undergo some alterations this upcoming semester.

Philadelphia City Council passed legislation on June 18 to establish a new vending district on Temple’s main campus. Mayor Nutter signed off of the ordinance on September 8, according to the Temple’s Vice President of Public Relations Beverley Coleman.

The proposed district will fall within the boundaries of Diamond Street South to Oxford Street, and 10th Street West to 16th Street. Vendors currently operating on 13th street will have a new location for the spring semester.

Last April, The City Department of Licensing and Inspection counted a total of 47 operating vendors on campus. The new ordinance will cap the number at 50.  “We expect that most, 90 to 95 of the vendors that are on campus will still be here. Our goal isn’t to get rid of vendors, our goal is to keep the vendors who are here,” says Coleman.

Enforcing regulations will help keep unlicensed vendors off the streets. Vendors looking to ensure space within the district must obtain proper licensing through The City Department of Licenses and Inspection.  Coleman says, “The city will work with the vendors to select the vendors based in part on seniority. We’ve agreed, to the extent that is feasible, to let the vendors stay in their current locations.”

The city will survey all the vendors this month to reissue licenses, and issue new spaces in November. The process of asking vendors to leave as not yet started.

Those on campus outside the proposed district have doubts they will stay or get a good spot.

“I’m not sure if they’re going to give us a good spot you know. And if you’re not standing in a good place than people aren’t going to come to you.” Says Wally Popal, a worker at Philly Halal Gyro.

Zoning districts will also address safety concerns as well as legal issues. To maintain a safer campus, the legislation will enforce new regulations each vendor must follow. Vendors will no longer have permission to use generators, and each business will have to keep their vehicles road ready at all times.  Furthermore, vendors will only be allowed to operate according to a district-wide schedule.

Officials say that at least 15 vendors will relocate to new spots within the district. The ordinance is anticipated to go into effect over winter break to limit disruption on campus.

Some food trucks already know where they will be moving in the spring. Many of them have posted their new designated locations on the side of their trucks. Make sure to visit your favorite trucks to note their relocation for the upcoming semester.

List of known vendors moving to new areas within the district:

  • Truck
    • The Fruit Salad & Smoothies Truck
    • Honey
    • Ray’s Truck
    • Vegan Tree
    • Tabeteki
    • Kobawoo Express
    • Wingo Taco
  • Carts
    • Sunny Halal Food
    • Ebi’s Lunch Cart
    • Famous New York Gyro
    • New York
    • Mexican Grill Stand
    • Caribbean Feast
    • Philly Halal Gyro

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