Basketball Freshman Playing Big Minutes Early On

Basketball is back! And Fran Dunphy’s squad has a lot of young faces. Two of the new faces that have been seeing big minutes, Freshman Josh Brown and Mark Williams have quickly impressed their teammates.

Junior forward, Anthony Lee was very excited to see the two freshman in action and he was very impressed.

“I like the freshman guard, Josh Brown from Jersey,” said Lee. “He’s a very good mid-range shooter. I like Mark, big guy from Montrose… The top high school in the country.”

Williams and Brown have even impressed their coach…  so much so that they are both seeing big minutes and Williams has been In the starting lineup for the first three games. Coach Dunphy does not usually play freshman, case in point, last year where three freshman in Daniel Dingle, Quenton Decosey and Devontate Watson did not see any major minutes.

But Dunphy says it all depends on the team situation, “Juan Fernandez played a lot of minutes as a freshman, I think that Lavoy Allen played a boat load of minutes as a freshman. Its what this situation has dictated.”

Both freshmen are excited to be playing big minutes so early in their college careers but also understand the acceptations that come with playing in college.

Williams is excited for the opportunity, “Very appreciative, very blessed but to whom much is given, much is expected. So I know that I have a lot of shoes to fill.”

Josh Brown is just very excited to gain the trust Of Coach Dunphy, “Getting minutes, I’m loving it, and just getting the trust from him, it helps me on the court.”

Both Josh and Mark are not from the Philadelphia area, but have transitioned well into college life. Mark went to high school in D.C, and Josh has family in Philadelphia, both have adapted very well to Temple. Three games into the season, the young owls have proven they can hold their own.

Josh Brown and Mark Williams were a great add to the Temple Basketball program. With such a young team, Temple is going to need as much experience as they can get.

With Josh Brown and Mark Williams gaining that experience this year, this team is already exceeding expectations according to most experts and will be very good in the future with the help from Josh Brown and Mark Williams. Temple’s backcourt will also be a very good backcourt as the season and this team moves forward with the help from Will Cummings and Josh Brown devolving nicely. This young team will be very good in years to come.





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