Cybernet Security

Cybernet Security has been one of the many aspects of daily life that Temple University has been striving students to improve on.  The many threats students could encounter online range from many forms of identity theft, to other internet traps called “phishing scams.”

“It’s a very serious threat,” says Mike Stabinski, Head of Cyber Security. “And the biggest thing we talk about today and you see it on the news all the time, are identity theft issues. Cyber security is something, or hacking is something that used to be kind of a nuisance, but now it’s really a whole criminal underground type of thing.”

Mike Stabinski has been working hard to raise awareness of this problem, and also believes that Temple students can make very easy adjustments to their daily lives to protect themselves from threats.

“People look to steal other people’s information and use it to make money. So it’s a very real crime.” said Stabinski.  “People don’t understand that it’s just as much of a crime as holding up someone on the street.”

Mike Stabinski mentioned that students can stop by the Information Security office at the Tech Center for a free copy of Norton Anti-Virus. He’s encouraging that students become more aware of this ever growing problem that is affecting students daily.  Students should never give their passwords out to anyone and should change them as frequently as possible to avoid phishing scams.

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