Bell Tower Music Turns Students’ Ideas into Label Releases

After months of work, the students from Bell Tower Music have completed and released this semester’s records.

With three singles out this week, Bell Tower continues their tradition of releasing work from Temple artists produced by Temple students.

Temple Update’s own Ethan McGrann is part of the team that discovers and signs artists to the label. He describes it as a strong, unified approach. “It’s mostly just a collaborative effort of bands, singers, rappers that people have seen live, follow on Instagram, or just thing are cool in general,” says McGrann. “We look for a Temple connection, because that’s always good—we want to support Temple artists.”

This semester, the team selected two singers, Charli Dahni and Luke Abdalla. Abdalla specifically pointed out McGrann’s work in bringing him on board: “the processs kind of started with Ethan and a few of the others [from] the media marketing team and the A&R team of Bell Tower reaching out to me,” he says.

Once an artist is signed to Bell Tower, they get access to everything the label can provide, including use of the large-format recording studios at Temple. They are also granted the use of Bell Tower’s marketing team, who are responsible for generating pubicity for the young, independent artists.

McGrann says the value of the partnership is tremendous for artists. With effectively free studio time and promotional work at their disposal, the artists are given the opportunity to create work at a scale sometimes difficult to do independently. “It’s really that you get a team of people that basically have to do all the stuff that you [otherwise] have to do yourself,” he laughs.

The fruits of their labors are now on display, with both artists’ releases now available on all streaming services.

Listen to Charli Dahni’s “Breathe Now” and “Déjà Vu” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to Luke Abdalla’s “BREATHE” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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