Lu Ann Cahn Stepping Down as Director of Career Services

There are a multitude of resources for students to utilize at the Klein College of Media and Communication. One of them is the Career Services team. The team helps students with their career development. They offer opportunities such as resume review sessions and host events such as the Career Fair.  

Since its inception, it has been led by Lu Ann Cahn. However, as the semester comes to an end, she is getting ready to step down and pass the role onto someone else. 

Lu Ann has been serving the Klein community for almost nine years. Before this, she was an Emmy-award winning journalist with NBC 10 in Philadelphia. Her book, “I Dare Me,” was published in 2013. After a 40-year career in broadcast news, she left in 2014. She arrived at Temple University in February 2015. 

In her position as Director of Career Services, she provides students with guidance as they get ready to enter the media and communications industry. Through her work, she strives to make a real difference in people’s lives.  

“I think my job is to make someone feel safe. And comfortable. And heard. And I always hope that someone leaves this office feeling more hopeful, more confident, better about their direction, and with some ideas of next steps,” she said.   

After all these years, Lu Ann will be stepping down from her position. However, she doesn’t think of this as her retirement. Instead, she views it as a “graduation” onto the next phase of her life.  

She has impacted many while at Klein. Among these people are her student workers. Under her leadership, they were able to learn important lessons and grow as professionals. 

“She was just always really great at lifting us all up to be the best version of ourselves and just teaching us about professionalism,” said Brianna Boone, a Career Assistant who works under Lu Ann.   

Throughout the college, Lu Ann is admired by her colleagues. Some even consider her to be a mentor.  

Tyler DeVice, the Assistant Director of Student Success, has gotten to work closely with Lu Ann and admires all that she has done.   

“She is really the role model for a lot of people at Klein, and I definitely consider myself one of those people that really look up to her,” he said.  

Moving forward, Lu Ann is heavily involved in the search for her replacement and is confident that Career Services will be left in good hands. She is grateful for the time that she has spent at Temple and for all that she has learned from students.   

“It has been an honor and privilege to be here, to be the Director of Career Services, to help create something, to pass it on, and to be with students here,” she said.   

Even though she is stepping down, Lu Ann won’t be leaving completely. She will still be teaching her professional development course and will be available for career coaching sessions.  

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